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MARCH, 2014.  Shape This LOVE
CD Launch Party, Saturday, March 29th, 8pm. 


It's time to celebrate!!! Please join me Saturday, March 29th, for an evening of friends, food, music, and celebration!!!  The CD release will be in an intimate concert setting.  Dinner will be provided.  Please RSVP as seating is limited.  Register for free here:


When: Saturday, March 29th, 8pm

Where: 105 Spring Ridge Dr. Roswell, GA 30076



January, 2014.  Shape This LOVE is available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and Spotify!







































December 16th, 2013.  Shape This LOVE is here!!!!


Today I will receive a package with 1000 CD's of a project I've been working on for the last seven years.  Baby it's been a long time coming!  My first album of fourteen all original songs is finished.  The lyrics and music span over more than a decade.  I am so very grateful to see this project come to completion.  My songwriting started out as my outward expression of internal contemplation and as I have grown emotionally and spiritually, so has my musicianship and songwriting capability.  The fourteen original songs take you through my journey of musings over a decade and how my interperatation of love has been redefined over the years, relationship by relationship, by the hands of Father Time.  "Man With Two Faces" the most young of all all the songs birth begins the theme of the journey about "Looking for Love in all the wrong places" and finding it there.  "A Thousand Directions" is an introspective song I wrote in my early twenties about a crossroads from childhood  into adulthood and the path ahead.  Twists and turns along that unexpected path leads you into "Moonlight Magic",  a Latin salsa groove full of fantasy and fun.   The innocense of a potential love and the freedom to let it be is the defining moment of "Come To Me".  "Sweet Love" is a sexy, seductive, lustful song that tells the story of two lovers in the vulnerable moment when friendship dances accross the lines into something more.  "Forever Friend" is a heart swellling orchestral tune that captures the moment where  you finally find that special something after "having loved and lost and learned to love again".  The title track, "Shape This Love" is a song that echoes the sentiment, "it was better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all".  This song speaks of finding true love in unexpected circumstances, yet only getting a glimpse before having to transform that love by letting go.  The album ultimately ends very apropos with the  track, "Learn to Love Yourself".  The song ends with the wisdom, "You can't expect someone to love you, if they haven't learned to love themselves.  No, you can't expect someone to love you, if you don't learn to love yourself".  It's all about love and the transformation of our lives and our hearts through time.  We all live, we learn, we grow.  This is my journey in song.  I hope you enjoy!!!!


December 15th, 2013. "Shape This Love" ranks in the top 20 at #8 for the 2013 Intel Superstars Competition and moves on to Round 4!



The final top 20-ranked artists will be submitted to Round Four, in which a panel of judges will select one Grand Prize winner, on or about December 20, 203.

The industry panel will be made up of music experts and professionals, including Austin Renfroe (winner, 2011 Intel Superstar), Jason Ienner (Manager, Hot Chelle Rae and Haerts), Bruce Tyler (Industry Executive, former EVP at Sony), Tommy Page (Pandora VP of Artist and Brand Partnerships), Brian Nolan (Senior Director, Creative Agency - Columbia Records), Justin Lassen (Producer, Nihil Studios), Mike Rivet (Sr. Marketing Manager at Intel), and Scott Janovitz (Director oCommunity at The panelists will determine the Grand Prize winner using a standard set of criteria: presentation, originality and creativity, melody, vocal ability, lyrics, and entertainment value.

"Shape This Love" wins Round 1 of the 2013 Intel Superstars Competition!

Out of over 1,450submissions and 100,000 votes, "Shape This Love" wins the pop category prize of a home recording studio package!  Please visit the link below for the official press release!!




April 2015.


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