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Lyrics from "Shape This LOVE"
Written by Kristen Justice

Man With Two Faces


One day a man he came to me

He said he had a game he thought we should play

I fell down deep in his charm, I fell right into his arms

I know it’s not right but it doesn’t feel wrong

One look in his eyes, my troubles were gone

The brush of his hand and the touch of his skin

Sent trembles down my spine


I know a man with two different faces

One that I loved and one that I hated

Taking advantage of his higher up places

With a lonely girl who needs to escape


You said I made the bed I lay down in

But wasn’t it you, that came to me

Turned off the lights, turned down the sheets



I was looking for love in all the wrong places, along the way I found you there

I fell in love with the man with two faces; I thought you loved me so I didn’t care


How many times did you tell all your lies

So you could drink from our fountains of youth

I hear you found another lonely girl

Do you think that you can use her too?

You are the man with two faces



Man With Two Faces


A Thousand Directions


When we are younger and we think we understand

Think we know how to play these cards that we hold in our hands

We think we’re wise, but we’re only weak

And with our widened eyes, we are trying to speak


I’m traveling in a thousand directions

I’ve got a million things on my mind

Don’t know how to get to somewhere

Without leaving something behind


Don’t know how I’m supposed to grow

Without shuffling this whole hand

Trying hard to play this game of life

Which way’s to get it right?

Trapped inside reality

Dreaming of my move to moving on


This is all there’s left to say

La da da da da da da la la da da da

La da da da da da da La

La da da da da da da La la da da da

La da da da da da da La

Gotta figure this out my way

Life’s a funny little game

That everybody has to play


Moonlight Magic


Underneath the full moon’s magic

Inside a jungle’s canopy

A woman is dancing like nobody’s watching

Seems like she’s watching me

Her body moves in the wind

Tempting me so carelessly

Dancing and twirling her brown eyes burning

Now she’s staring at me


And I tried to ignore her but I could not turn away

Mi amore te adoro Didn’t know I could feel this way


Senorita boriqua demasiado bonita

Yo no puedo resistir, yo no puedo

Your eyes, your lips, I just can’t resist


Underneath the full moon’s magic

Inside a jungle’s canopy


Come to Me


I look in your eyes and I recognize that

There is something that we both cannot disguise

I see your face in my dreams night and day

Maybe this time I’ve realized I can’t escape


Come to me

Let me in I’ll heal your broken heart

Come to me

And I will help you take away your pain, all of your pain

You may have never really felt all that love could be

Come and let me love you, simply come to me

Come to me, come to me


Don’t you think it’s time

We took hold of our lives

And let our hearts beat for themselves for just this little while

Let’s give this love a chance

Finally discover some happiness for ourselves


Think of what a love like ours could be, baby

If you just let your heart be free

Push aside the fears and just let go, just let go

Forget what they says right or wrong

You and I know we belong

It could be so simple, baby



Sweet Love


Come over here, let me hold you close

I want to feel your skin against mine

There are no expectations, flirtations brought us right here, right now


To this sweet love, Oh, are we gonna cross this line

Into sweet love, Oh, I can’t get you out of my mind


Look into my eyes, lying side by side

I am like a child, feel so alive

Trembling hands and trembling hearts, forgotten how to play this part

Already I am falling in,  just lead me into


Let’s begin This sweet love, Oh, Lead me on across this line

Into sweet love, Oh, I can’t get you out of my mind


We didn’t mean to fall in

Unexpected attraction is where it begins

Only seconds to decide if this is wrong or right

These feelings I just can’t hide

This romance is taking its first dance


Let’s begin Sweet Love, Crossing over that line

Into sweet love, Oh, I can’t get you out of my mind


Deep into the night making love by candlelight

This fire’s burning strong

 Is this where my heart belongs?

Sweet Love                  


Forever Friend


Sometimes it seems I’ve lived a million lives

Each one just a bit differently through different eyes

So I know where you’re going, and I know where you’ve been

But the only thing I know for sure’s I want you to be my

Forever Friend


We’ve both loved and lost and learned to love again

We’ve felt the pain and found the love we thought we’d never find again

But of all of those lovers, you compare to no other

I want you as my lover, my companion, my forever friend



You feel like home to me

There’s an elegant simplicity

When you look in my eyes I’m alive

I can feel your touch, I know you’re by my side

My heart opens wide


It feels so good to have you here with me

It’s a simple melody played out by a symphony

And I know every note of this score

I’ve sung this melody before

But this song has never had a sweeter end than with you

My Forever Friend



You feel like home to me

There’s an elegant simplicity

When you look in my eyes , I’m alive

I can feel your touch, I want you by my side

My heart opens wide




You feel like home to me.


Shape This Love


Take this Love and shape it into something that won’t break my heart, my heart

Cause I see where we’re headed and I know this only goes so far

So please don’t try, don’t look me in the eyes

Cause I don’t think I could put up a fight

And don’t ask why, we’ll just sacrifice

Cause I don’t want to say goodbye


Well, this heart of mine, it’s seen this kind before

And it’s taken this time to realize you just can’t walk through every door

So let me be your teacher this time

I’ve learned a lot of lessons in this little life of mine

You are a friend of mine and I want you in my life forever more

So take this Love and shape it into something that won’t break my heart


Please don’t go

But I can’t stay

We both know, it’s better off this way

So don’t get too close

But don’t go too far

Cause it’s the only way we’ll never be apart


Is baby if we take this love and shape it into something that won’t break my heart

Cause baby oh I love you and I don’t know how to stop

I’ll never stop

So maybe if we take this love and shape it into something that won’t break my heart




Lullaby, my Baby

Lullaby, my Love

Lullaby, my Angel, Lullaby

Lullaby my Baby, fast asleep you will be

Try not to think too much dear, just sleep in peace

Lullaby, Lullaby, Lullaby, Lullaby


Sleep tight my Angel; I’ll meet you in my dreams

We’ll be holding each other, just sleep in peace


I’ll watch you sleep at night

Holding you oh so tight

Loving you with all of my might

Oh my Angel

Lullaby, Lullaby, Lullaby, Lullaby

Lullaby my Baby

Lullaby my Love

Lullaby my Angel

Lullaby, Lullaby, Lullaby……….


Long January


It’s been a long, long January

Everybody’s made their plans

And here I am, I’m just standing by myself

By now I thought you would be beside me

But I’m still standing here on my own

And you have gone and made your plans with someone else

As I shared mine over the telephone, and I know, I know, I know



Everybody’s got something to lose

Everybody’s got the right to choose something new

So this time won’t you be kind

Don’t give me any lines, are you gonna be mine?

Are you gonna be mine?


The love we have for one another

Unlike any other, words just can’t describe

Here I am reaching to you with arms wide open

And your hands are tied

But I need you right here, right now, baby


It’s a matter of time before our love will see the light of day you’d say

Gotta keep holding on, I need you to stick with me baby

Time is running short and my sanity is slipping away

If I keep holding on will it be forever this way



Rain Child


I hear the thunder, rolling in

And I’m starting to get that good ole aching again

The wind’s been traveling

She playing in my hair, and the trees are whispering secrets

That they really want to share

I feel a raindrop fall on my skin

Some people gonna seek the shelter but my fun’s about to begin



Because I’m a Rain Child, I’m a Rain Child

I’m a Rain Child, Rain on me

Yeah, I’m a Rain Child, I’m a Rain Child

I’m a Rain Child, rain on me


I’ve got rings on my fingers, rings on my toes

I’ve got bells around my ankles and heaven else only knows

I’m gonna jump in the puddles and twirl and twirl around

Hold my head up high and drink from the sky

And fall laughing to the ground




What would the flowers drink now

And there would be no rainbow skies

If the rain didn’t pour down over me

And wash these clouds from my eyes




Where’d My Baby Go


When the river overflows, I keep asking but nobody knows

Where’d my baby go? Where’d my baby go?

We were walking hand in hand, and suddenly I can’t pretend

Where’d my baby go?  Where’d my baby go?

Where’d my baby go? Where’d my baby go?


We had drifted off to sleep, when I wake up you’re out of reach

Where’d my baby go?  Where’d my baby go?

Where’d my baby go?


If you need to go, baby I’ll survive

I just need to know if our love is still alive

Don’t leave me in the dark one more night to spend alone

I just need to know if your heart is coming home

So tell me now, Where’d my baby go?

Where’d my baby go?  Where’d my baby, Where’d my baby go?




Girl, you’re smart, you’re beautiful

You can do anything your heart desires

So why are there tears on your pillow?

You say it’s too late, you’re too tired


You’ve given up and given in to circumstance

That’s become your familiar-ality

Can’t you see the world is at your fingertips?

An open book of endless possibility



And for every little step you take it’s a step that you make

You’ve got to believe in yourself

Take some quiet time there you’re gonna find the answers inside

You’re getting closer than before


Boy don’t you know it’s gonna take some time

For you to find yourself

You’ve got to visualize to realize your dreams darling

Like a rear view mirror things are closer than they seem

So take your time and find your heart’s desire

All it takes is a little spark and you will light your fire




Don’t you let old man discourage get you down

Cause it takes courage to turn your life around

And when you wake up and it seems your dreams are far away

Just remember you’re getting closer day by day by day




I Miss You


Babe, I know that you must go, just give me one last kiss

Cause it’s gonna be a long, long road and I’ll need to reminisce

Seems I’ve already spent a lifetime, asking why we’ve had to say goodbye

And no matter how many times you try to find a reason why

It all comes down to, you just can’t


Babe I know I gotta let you go

This my mind comprehends

But when you find a love like ours

Letting go just doesn’t make sense

Some people may never find a love like ours in a lifetime

So how can you turn and walk away

How do I explain this to my heart



I miss you and the world keeps on turning

I miss you but my heart keeps on burning

I miss you; you know I’m telling the truth

That I’ve never loved another, the way that I love you


Without you, I live my life Day by day by day

You’ve placed your bet, that hearts forget and

Memories will fade

You close your eyes

But all you feel’s this emptiness inside

And so you pray

Please take this Love and melt it all away

But it remains

This candle burns

An eternal flame




Learn to Love Yourself


Why didn’t I think that I deserved you?

Why didn’t I expect the very best?

Why did I settle for broken promises and anything less than happiness?

And I blamed you for not believing in our love

But I’d already laid my expectations down

And I knew that hope would only raise me up to let me down


In my soul there was an echoing, “You deserve so much more.

The only way to grab a hold of love is to let your illusions go.

Let go of old beliefs that you’re not good enough.

Let go of the child and the whore.

Let go of always searching outside of yourself

For something more.”


I’ve grown older and I’ve grown wiser

And I’m so much stronger than before

And I have learned that you can’t change a man

A man he changes on his own


And I’ve grown older and I’ve grown wiser

And I’m so much stronger than my old self

You can’t expect someone to love you

If they haven’t learned to love themselves

No, you can’t expect someone to love you

If you don’t learn to love yourself



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