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Happy Year of the Fire Monkey!!

Happy Chinese New Year 2016! This is the year of the Fire Monkey! My chinese zodiak sign is the metal monkey! Close! 2015 was an incredible year. Lots went on for me personally, I got married, I joined a new band The Fly Betty Band, Shape This Love won some awards and got some great radio play globally! What a year!!! You can check out my official video for Forever Friend set to the video of our wedding with fun party outtakes at the end! Please continue to check out my calendar. Fly Betty is on fire! We are an incredible high energy dance band. We have some really fun gigs coming up so be sure to check us out. And Like us on Facebook too! May the year of the Fire Monkey bring you all your hopes and desires and be the best year yet!! Peace, Love & Music! ~Kristen

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