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Calling of The Divine

Please help support my next project! 10% of all donations go to charity. Please visit my GoFundMe Page to see what great rewards you can receive by supporting my new project:

As the music director for my church Unity of Kennesaw since 2010, I have written numerous songs to accompany the spritual message for Sunday services. I have received many requests to record an album of my uplifting music and now with a freed up schedule after exiting stage left from corporate America, it is time. I am very excited about this project as I have prayed and have been Divinely led to make this project my immediate priority, hence the name of the album, "Calling of The Divine". The twelve songs I have chosen to record will serve not only for those who are looking for positive, uplifting music to begin their day, but also as a resource for other music directors to use for their congregations. The CD/Songbook will consist of 2 CD's: one with all vocals recorded and a second sing a-long version for those who perform special music at various churches along with an accompanying songbook with all the charted songs for musicians. Don't Die With Your Music Inside You Open Heart Open Mind Calling of The Divine There Is Only Love I Look Within Myself Music of Silence Speaking Sweet Serenity The Truth Will Set You Free Let Your Love Shine (Christmas Time Is Near) Your Love Destiny Awaits God You Are, God I Am The money will be spent on: Musicians Studio Recording Time Engineering Mastering Charting Binding/Printing Graphics Photography Duplication Recording is planned for July 2016 with a release in September. 10% of all donations will be divided equally between two local charity organizations SafeHouse Outreach ( and The Women's Resource Center ( SafeHouse Outreach is a local organization that provides assistance to the homeless and also offers a Mentor program for at-risk youth of which I have served as a mentor for the past two years and ongoing. The Women's Resource Center is a safe haven and nonprofit providing supportive services for domestic violence survivors and their children. All love donations are truly and greatly appreciated. It means the world to be supported and encouraged by you! Prayers are appreciated too! Thank you for your help in spreading Positivity and Love in the world!! Peace, Love, and Music, Kristen Hope Justice

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