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Grammy Goals!

And so it is! Just submitted my music for the first time to the Grammys! Just having been able to get this far on my journey with music makes me proud of what I've accomplished. Sometimes it's easy to be your own worst critic wondering why you aren't further along than you already are, but today I calm that critic and just step back and be grateful for the journey. Four years ago I finished my first album "Shape This Love". That album took me seven years to complete, which was a culmination of over a decade of writing. Then three years later I've finished my second, "Calling of The Divine", which only took 3 months to record. I had written the songs for church being the music director for the past six and a half years. These songs were to compliment the positive, uplifting, spiritual messages at church on Sunday mornings. I wasn't sure this was what I wanted to spend my money, time and energy on. I have other songs. Maybe a country album. I prayed about it. And the calling became very clear. This project is about putting those messages out there to uplift people. This is a project of service. It takes a lot of resources to make a project like this come to fruition. It is my labor of love and service. Calling of the Divine was just that. My calling. I listened and took action. So having a first album under my belt made me eligible to become a member of the Recording Academy. You can only submit material during a specific time frame so I couldn't submit my first album, "Shape This Love", but I took those timelines and I consciously created this album so that I would be able To submit "Calling of The Divine" to the Grammys. Here I am today one step closer to my dreams. Have Faith. Pray. Listen. Follow. Baby steps gets you there. It's been a journey and I'm proud to say that I've at least gotten this far! #grammygoals #grammys #bucketlist #CallingofTheDivine #joyinthejourney 

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