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Happy Mother's Day!! Expect Miracles new single release on Mother’s Day!!

With Mother’s Day coming up I have so many emotions. I’m so grateful for my daughter who will soon be 3 months old. I can’t even begin to explain the depth of gratitude that she joined us on this journey! I’m overwhelmed with joy and in awe of the miracle that she is. She is precious. She is our miracle, our answered prayer. Have you ever held an answered prayer in your arms? Years of prayers answered and my soul is finally at peace. I wrote and recorded this song to her while I was pregnant. This song is about faith, a reminder to believe in your dreams and follow your heart. Miracles do happen. God answers our prayers, not always in the timeline that we desire, but we must have faith that everything happens in perfect and divine timing. Expect Miracles! Happy Mother's Day!!

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